Learn to Massage each Other

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Learn to Massage each Other

With these quick steps you can easily massage the worries of the day away or just enjoy some quality time together.

Firstly, find a very comfortable spot in your home for your partner and yourself. Then, grab a bottle of your favorite massage oil and have your partner to sit or lie down. Massage oils are available at your local health store or if you are visiting the Place of Stolen time, you may select from our exclusive line of oils made using coconut oil infused with our passionfruit or cocoa.

For those special occasion, get a few candles, some soft music, flower petals and maybe even some strawberries or chocolate. It’s your time; make it memorable.Keep your oil warm by placing the bottle in some warm water a few minutes before you begin your massage.

Make sure there are no distractions in or around the room.

1. Keep your oil warm by placing the bottle in some warm water a few minutes before you begin your massage.

2. Communicate with your partner. Make sure that they are comfortable.

3. Start the massage by pouring a small amount of massage oil in the palm of your hand and rubbing your hands.

4. Effleurage the back with flat hands three times.

5. Knead the middle of the trapezius muscle with your thumbs for one minute.

6. Again using your thumbs, knead from the trapezius down to the buttocks in three rows on either side of the spine.

7. Massage the back of the neck using alternate kneading movements.

8. Push one hand across the back while pulling the other towards you to “wring” across the whole length of the back for 1 minute.

9. With flat hands, one on top of the other, use circular movements up the right side of the back from the buttock and around the shoulder blade. Do this twice.

10. Repeat this on the left side of the back.

11. Pinch and roll up the entire back, including the spine, moving from the right side of the back all the way across to the other side.

12. With flat hands, effleurage the entire back starting from the base of the neck down to the buttocks three times.

13. Using a light feathery movement and the tips of your fingers, stroke the length of the back using alternate hands. Start with four fingers, then use three on the next stroke, then two and finally use only one finger



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