Why you should spend an Autumn Holiday in Saint Lucia


Why you should spend an Autumn Holiday in Saint Lucia

Autumn is characterised by wet and windy weather but the West Indian island of St Lucia gloats tropical trimmings, with year-round daylight, sun-soaked bays and translucent, bathwater-warm beaches. There’s a bounty of things to do as the island offers many jungle-cloaked mountains, volcanic scenes and thick rainforest filled with bananas, mangoes and papayas (or paws paws, as the locals say).

As a top choice for families, honeymooners and explorers, here are a few things you shouldn’t miss.

It’s Beaches

Yes, the shorelines in St. Lucia are great! In truth, they are flawless and offer something for everybody, from the powder-soft white sand and calm Caribbean water to rough cliffs and dark volcanic sand, from calm separation to exuberant action.

Some of the most popular beaches to experience in Saint Lucia are Malabar Beach, Reduit Beach, Pigeon Island Beaches, Anse Chastanet Beach, Grand Anse Beach, La Toc Beach, Anse Cochon Beach, Marigot Bay Beaches, Anse Louvert Beach, Cariblue Beach and Cas en Bas Beach.

What about a Drive-in Volcano

Yes, driving into and even bathing in volcanic mud pools are possible. Allow us to explain 🙂. Saint Lucia offers a dormant volcano that last erupted in the 18th century. Visitors can take a tour of the crater, and bask in bubbling hot springs and clouds of steam as they make their way to mud pools. There, the dark grey mud helps detoxify the body and is said to help with sunburn, eczema and even joint pain. Plunge into the warm, mineral-rich pool and rub the mud against your skin for a baby-soft feel. But don’t wear your best bathing suit.

Visiting the Toraille Waterfalls

A popular spot to visit to wash off the mud from Sulphur Springs mentioned earlier is the Toraille Waterfall. This waterfall is one of the biggest waterfalls on the island, tumbling 8m (26ft) into a bracing plunge surrounded by jungle. In the event that you’d rather swim in a quiet pool, head on over to Piton Falls instead. A tranquil pool buried profoundly within the rainforest but still filled by a cooling waterfall. Bring water shoes if you’ve got them as the pool is a bit slippery as you get nearer to the waterfall.

Whether you just want to enjoy the spectacular scenery or just soak in the refreshing water, that’s fine. Here are some of the top waterfalls to visit in Saint Lucia.

● Toraille Waterfall
● Sault/ Errard/ Dennery Waterfall
● Diamond Waterfall
● Superman Waterfall
● Piton Waterfall

Hiking the Pitons

With your research and many pictures, you can tell that this beautiful island terrain is quite mountainous.
So why not hike it?

The unique Pitons are Saint Lucia’s most celebrated points of interest and a UNESCO-listed location. The two volcanic mountains rise steeply from the island’s south-western coast and are a magnet for bold explorers searching for a challenge and fantastic ocean views. Head out early so you’re back before late and consider employing a specialist once you go. In the event that that sounds a bit like an intense workout for a holiday, book a catamaran voyage to see this beautiful terrain from the water instead.

Splurging in the Castries Market

Discover everything from snacks to trinkets at the expansive, open-air market within the island’s capital. Slow down at stalls heaped with sweet-smelling organic products and vegetables whilst others are stocked with neckbands, locally made straw bags, bottles of extraordinary essence, gifts and the unique banana ketchup. Sip from a hand-picked coconut as you dance to the sounds of reggae within the setting and be sure to pick up some organic cocoa sticks to grind into bubbling water to try the island’s special cocoa tea – a healthy, chocolatey treat.

A Glimpse of History at Pigeon Island

Find out about St Lucia’s exhilarating past at Pigeon Island, joined to the main island by a causeway close to Gros Islet. The tropical islet was once the home of the Amerindians – the primary pilgrims of the island – which was afterwards invaded by pirates for some time and then safely transitioned into a military base amid the wars between the French and British. Guests can still spot the ruins of military buildings and climb Fort Rodney for a fabulous view of St Lucia and Martinique on a clear day.

At a minimum, we recommend spending the entire day at Pigeon Island National Landmark, a world Hertiage site renowned by UNESCO that offers you the opportunity to hike, experience a beautiful beach, and attend prominent events. There is also the option to have lunch at Jambe De Bois.

Whale and Dolphin watching on Cruises

We encourage you to leave the sun lounger behind and get out on the water, especially on the off chance that you’re going by St. Lucia between September to October. Those months are the most excellent for spotting whales as they move to the island’s warm waters to mate. Vessel trips ordinarily take off from Castries and, in the event that you’re truly fortunate, you could spot the magnificent spinner and bottlenose dolphins shooting through the tropical waters.

The marine expert/captain would often advise you of the behaviours and propensities of the water’s warm-blooded animals whilst you cruise. Keep your eyes peeled for other natural life species and if you decide to try it out, It’s always encouraged to book an early trip as it gives a better chance of spotting more exotic wildlife.

Jounen Kwéyol/ Creole Day

Saint Lucia is an island without a doubt endowed with exceptional beauty and a distinctive history. The mixed culture of the island, as well as the French/African dialect known as Kwéyol, are both celebrated in October. Jounen Kwéyol is a time when everyone in Saint Lucia embraces the island’s culture and takes some time to consider how important it is to preserve its history. With lots of music, dancing, drinking and food, the season offers a unique festive atmosphere.

Friday Night Street Parties

You will realise that islanders love to party and no visitor to St. Lucia ought to miss its weekly “jump-ups” – late-night road/ street parties where the music is boisterous, the drinks are ice cold, the fresh seafood and fiery chicken are served straight from the barbeque. On Friday evenings, head to the buzzing town of Gros Islet or Anse La Raye and on Saturday the party moves to the beach in Dennery where the streets are stacked with seafood[- and cocktails filled with the finest rums.

Lastly, Accommodation.

Situated on the crystal Malabar Beach, StolenTime by Rendezvous is the ultimate escape from the everyday. A wellness resort that provides everything in the world you may need from your trip and all the time to appreciate it. Additionally, for all the attractions mentioned, the resorts offer specialists who can accompany you there or at the least direct you to another certified professional.

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