Why Should I Take Dance Lessons with my Wife?

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Why Should I Take Dance Lessons with my Wife?

Every man  at one point or another ask themselves that very question.

I have an answer, but first I need to tell you a little story.

Imagine we are on the beautiful island of St Lucia. Its a few minutes until 11 am and we are about to start a dance class overlooking the beach. Breathtaking.

I cross the sand to the Rotunda for the first JiveJune dance class at Rendezvous: Foxtrot.
Social Foxtrot is a sweet dance. If you enjoy Frank Sinatra, Micheal Buble, Natalie Cole, then I recommend learning a bit of social Foxtrot.

As I started, I notice one couple in particular: Mike and Pat. Pat is VERY excited about the class… Mike not so much. “I’m not much of a dancer,” Mike murmured.

I smiled and replied to the class, “If you can walk, then you can dance social Foxtrot.’

I went over the basics and noticed immediately Mike was having trouble just taking a single step.

Dancing simply said is MOVEMENT. You can find dance in parts of your everyday life. Just add some music and a bit of structure; now we’re DANCING! However in a dance lesson environment, some people get anxious and overcomplicate things. I can’t dance echoes in their heads. Then all of a sudden a simple moment like walking becomes strained and awkward.

This was happening with Mike. He was stuck in his head and made things complex and different — it didn’t have to be.

“No worries. Let’s all kick off our sandals and just walk. Really, just walk like normal. Across the floor. How would you do it?”

Mike hesitantly walked across the floor. I said, “Would you walk like that? Really just walk normally.” He relaxed, I grabbed his hand, and we walked across the dance floor.

That was my first glimpse of Mike as a dancer.

Mike and Pat became regulars in my classes: Foxtrot, Swing, Jive, Merengue, Salsa, Cha Cha. It didn’t matter what type of class was listed, they where there. They even joined the mini lesson before the Thursday Merengue Dance Party night.

During the party I sat with them. “You did GREAT,“ I said. “You’ve come along way!’
Mike replied, “ Do you know how outside of my comfort zone I was? I knew there would be TONS of people watching!”

Later that week Pat, Mike and I chatted over dinner.

“I always wanted to dance,” said Pat, “We just didn’t really have the chance. We love Strictly Come Dancing and watch it every week.” Even Mike admitted he had become a big Strictly fan.

Mike and Pat had been married 29 years and had never taken a dance lesson together.

I had to know WHY? Why NOW? After 29 years?

Pat said, “We saw all the dance classes offered and realised we had the opportunity to take two dance lessons everyday —as part of the all-inclusive package. And the activities staff were just so welcoming. We thought why not give it a try. “

Mike said, “Well she asked me.’ He continued, “and you know its good to keep the wife happy.”

Pat smiled, “A wife just wants to be able to dance with her husband.”

Mike and Pat have come a long way. They took 10 lessons at Rendezvous and started practicing moves in their room. They even videoed the steps in order to practice when they returned home.

Pat smiled and said, “We will always have this memory of learning to dance on holiday. Now when we dance, we will remember Rendezvous.”

Who would have thought a simple all inclusive holiday would open up a new way for them to relate to each other. That after 29 years they still love and care for one another enough to go way outside of one’s comfort zone (Mike) and to have patience with the learning process (Pat).

Who would have thought? But this isn’t just any couples resort, it’s #JiveJune at Rendezvous, where #StolenTime may mean you ask your lady…

Can I have this dance?

By Jennifer Benavidez, pictured here with our friendly activities staff, is one of the guest presenters for JIVE JUNE. She shares her passion for dance the world over. @SalsaJennifer

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