Smoked Fish Roularde

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Smoked Fish Roularde

Smoked Fish Roulade


white wine Vinegar        4oz

Water                                2oz

Cloves                              0.1oz

Cardamon                        0.1oz

Star Anise                         0.2oz

Fennel Seed                     0.1oz

Dill Leaf                           0.5oz

Salt                                    0.5oz

Smoked Fish                    2.5oz

Carrot Julienne                  2oz

Zucchinni Julienne            2oz

Yellow Squash Julienne   2oz

Pumkin Julienne                2oz

Crispy Tuile                           1    Garnish

Dasheen Chips                      4    Garnish

Smoked Cherry Tomatoes  3    Garnish

Sliced Red Radish                 1     Garnish


  1. Gather all the ingredients in a pot and allow to boil until the brine is tender.
  2. Dice the assorted vegetables for pickles, then add them to a liquid in a lid-tight jar.
  3. Ensure vegetables are fully covered in liquid, then set in the chiller for one day.


Pickled vegetables enhance the immune system function because of the probiotics they contain. These probiotics are live microorganisms that improve gut health, which is crucial in maintaining a strong immune system.

Smoked fish, including salmon, are high in omega-3 fatty acids. These are highly beneficial to our heart health, helping to reduce inflammation, manage heart rhythm, and lower triglycerides in our blood fats. These compounds also work to reduce the build-up of plaque in the blood vessels.

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