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Sailing into Serenity

Ever since I could remember, vast waters have always attracted me. It’s like nothing else on this planet when the waves are crashing rhythmically on the shore, and I can smell salty air with unlimited horizon all around. When I heard about StolenTime resort, popular relaxing and immersive Spring Sail theme month offering, my heart raced; it was a chance that I couldn’t turn down.

StolenTime had planned to hold its Spring Sail theme month which promised a combination wellness activities, relaxation sessions and thrilling water sport excursions on one of the most beautiful beaches within the entire Caribbean archipelago. Surprised and waiting for a replenishing escape from everything, I packed my bags and left without knowing what lay ahead.

The Spring Sail Program 2024: A Nautical Adventure

The Spring Sail Program at StolenTime was tailored to both experienced sailors and newbies, keeping a healthy mix of lessons and activities. Here’s what we had on offer to make this month truly an experience:

Complimentary 101 ASA Sailing Certification

By far the biggest attraction of the Spring Sail Program is the 101 ASA Sailing Certification. The 101 is step one towards becoming a sailor, and this program includes the ASA 101 course certification for free. Knowing there was limited spacing, I booked way in advance to guarantee a spot. Here, we were learning the theoretical and practical basics: the nautical terminology, all safety aspects, and navigating and sail handling. Our instructor and former Olympian Sophie who was beyond engaging obviously enjoyed teaching us in every session.

Group Stretch Classes Geared Towards Sailors

Realising that sailing puts a lot of physical stress on the body, StolenTime incorporated daily group stretching classes designed for guests– geared toward improving flexibility, strength and balance in the important areas needed to manipulate a sailboat. The classes, led by expert yoga instructors, made for nice early mornings, and kept us limber and ready to take on the task ahead.

Basic Course on Knot Tying

Any sailor must know how to tie different kinds of knots. The Knot Tying Basic Course was both informative as well as fun. What we learned were the essential knots that are useful in sailing such as bowline, clove hitch and figure-eight which were very essential for different aspects of sailing. These knots not only helped us improve our sailing skills but also gave us a sense of satisfaction after successfully mastering them.

Sailing Lessons

The Spring Sail Program by StolenTime offers a variety of sailing lessons to cater for various skill levels and preferences. These hands-on lessons were full of excitement and provided more knowledge into practical understanding about sailing.

Hobie Cat Group Sailing Lessons

Hobie Cat Group Sailing Lessons were an amazing introduction to small boat sailing. Beginers find these lightweight and easy to handle vessels ideal for their first attempt at sailing. Instructed by the resort’s expert watersports team and Sophie, we learnt how to catch wind, navigate the boat and work together in order to cross waters safely. The exhilaration experienced while speeding down the waves with Hobie Cat is unforgettable.

Keelboat Sailing Lessons

Keelboat Sailing Lessons offered those who wanted bigger vessels a chance to learn the intricacies involved in commanding a keelboat. These boats, characterised by their stability and versatility, provided an alternative way of experiencing sailings. We did skills like tacking, jibing, mooring under watchful eyes of our experts.

Xtreme 26 Sailing Lessons

For adventurers, highlight was Xtreme26 Sailing Lesson which had been planned quite appropriately; adrenaline filled! These high performance sailboats are designed for speed and agility. The lessons focused on advanced racing techniques and strategies such as increasing the boat’s speed with respect to wind direction or maintaining its speed through proper trimming etc It was an exciting experience to be able to go beyond limits in sailing at high speeds.

The Spring Sail Hobie Cat Regatta

A Spring Sail Hobie Cat Regatta was a real test for our new skills. This friendly competition is open to all guests regardless of their skill and experience level. We were assigned groups and had to steer through the buoys that marked out the course. The regatta was filled with excitement, communication, and a healthy dose of competitive spirit. It was amazing how much we had improved as sailing novices since the start of this course.

Motivational talks by Sophie Ainsworth

One of the most inspiring aspects of Spring Sail program has been motivational talks from British Sailing Olympian Sophie Ainsworth. She shared her story starting from when she began sailing up until competing at highest levels in sport. Her stories about determination, commitment and love for what one does have been so inspirational. She also gave us tips on how to improve our sailing techniques and mental approach into this sport.

Sailing Excursion to BodyHoliday

One of the highlights of the spring sail program was going on a sailing excursion to BodyHoliday. The full-day trip also included a beautiful sail along the coast where we admired wonderful landscapes and honed our skills in navigation. On arrival at BodyHoliday, gourmet lunch awaited us at Cariblue Restaurant; it featured seasonal ingredients prepared using exquisite flavors that were locally sourced. It offered an ideal combination of adventure, relaxation, and culinary adventures.

Reflecting on a Transformative Experience

Having the opportunity of participating in StolenTime spring sail program brought me to a point of reflecting about my long journey. The transformative nature of this month was realised by combining sailing lessons, wellness activities and community building initiatives. I came out from that theme month with enhanced sailing skills as well as a more profound sense of the ocean, renewed body and spirit.

Go to Your Own Adventure

The StolenTime spring sail program is not just a holiday for sailors; it is also a time to become one with nature, gain new skills, and recharge yourself. You do not need to have any sailing background because the program has something for all. Combining professional teaching, diverse sailing experiences, wellness sessions and motivational talks makes this a complete experience that will make you feel strong inside and motivated.

If you are in search of an extraordinary and life-changing adventure, then I would definitely recommend The Spring Sail Program at StolenTime in Saint Lucia. Follow the sea’s call; challenge yourself and set off on a voyage of self-discovery and self-improvement.

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