Four Activities for your 2023 StolenTime Vacation

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Four Activities for your 2023 StolenTime Vacation

We are confident that you have outlined your bucket list for 2023, but we would like to add a few more things. Here are a few things you should try to cross off your list if you ever visit this patch of Caribbean paradise, according to leaders of StolenTime Activities.

Many have heard of the renowned Pitons in St.Lucia and there is no denying its beauty, if scaling Gros Piton seems a bit intimidating, the team advises giving the Piton nature trail a shot. The beginning of this trail is situated halfway up Gros Piton, halfway between the two peaks. Since the team drives you there, you almost always get the same breathtaking view without having to climb. The walk is led by friendly, knowledgeable locals who will share with you some of their knowledge of horticulture, history, and culture as you go. You can see the Piton Mineral Falls after the walk, where warm water plunges 30 feet into a pool below. An authentic St. Lucian experience.

If the trail doesn’t entice you and you opt for something less demanding, the team suggests that you sign up for our Farm to Table experience. The name says it all; our in-house chefs will accompany you to a nearby farm or market where you can meet the farmer, view the produce, and choose and purchase fresh organic foods. Upon return, you will receive cooking instructions from our in-house chef on how to prepare a delectable meal. The best place to enjoy your creation is to sit outside by candlelight.

Considering that you desire to visit the West Indies, means you love being around nature and St.Lucia is just that. Known for picturesque views and warm farmlands, our activities team advises everyone to get a taste of the island (literally). St. Lucia was known to be a major Cocoa producer and some of the finest chocolatiers in the world still get their supplies here. For chocoholics, we offer many bean to bar experiences. With options of learning, walking through the fields to pick the best Cocoa pods, and culminating home with the chocolate bar you made.

“Time flies when you’re drinking rum” as a famous writer once quipped, and this is unquestionably true. At this all-inclusive luxury resort, we allow for both healthy and sinful indulgences, including rum. Rum is a key component of West Indian culture and is made from sugar cane plantations on Caribbean islands. Every island has its own name. Bounty Rum and its offshoots Chairman’s Reserve, Admiral Rodney, and The Forgotten Casks are the most popular rums in Saint Lucia and can all be sampled in our rum tour.

This adventure has the endorsement of our Activities Team because it includes a fun factory tour of the Saint Lucia Distillery in the Roseau valley. There is a surprise component to this experience, by the way. You drive to the distillery and then take a big catamaran back to Castries to get there.

The team has provided a bonus for you. The final recommendation is to go to “En Bas Saut,” which translates to “under the waterfall,” so be prepared for some spectacular scenery on the way. You can enter the Edmund RainForest and the island’s interior by using this well-traveled hiking trail. You will reach the waterfall after a 40–50 minute hike; keep an eye out for the Saint Lucian Parrot, which is quite uncommon. If you leave without going for a swim, you will always regret it.

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