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Do we REALLY need to switch partners in dance class?

It happens all the time in dance classes. The teacher yells SWITCH PARTNERS! But why you ask, when I have my own partner! I want to dance with THEM! There’s several reasons but most likely there is not an even ratio of leaders to followers. Simply, there’s either more ladies, or perhaps more men, in the dance class.

However, I’m teaching at Rendezvous, a couples resort, and there’s a perfect ratio of leaders to followers. However, attend my class and you will still hear me announce SWITCH PARTNERS!
It’s JiveJune and I’m teaching Social Foxtrot. It’s raining outside so we have a busy class: 5 couples and 4 activities staff. 15 people in a dance class, that mean its going to be a party. We will be working on our dance floor maneuvering skills.

One of the couples, David & Carly, I had met a few days before during their first dance consultation.  Normally when I help a couple with their first dance, the initial lesson is at least 2 hours. However I’m in St Lucia and beach time is precious! The month of June is dedicated to all things dance so Rendezvous is offering a complimentary 45 min first dance consultation with a wedding dance specialist —yours truly! Perfect for couples getting married on the resort.

It was Wednesday, Carly and David were getting married on Friday in front of a small group of family and friends. They weren’t too worried about dancing here on resort. However, back in the UK there’s going to be a BIG party. Now the pressure is on for their first dance.

“We’ve talked about it,” said Carly as she looked at David, “But we just didn’t have time.”  David smiled and nodded. “We were just so busy moving house and getting ready for this trip. We simply ran out of time.”
This happens to many couples who are planning a wedding. One of the last things they think about is a first dance. As a dance teacher, I wish it was one of the first.

I asked what is their song. David replies, ”Rule the World by Take That.“  I search for it on YouTube and have a listen.  It’s a 45 min lesson and I need to figure out quickly a routine that fits the song type and their dance ability.

Now for my second question, “Have either of you taken dance lessons?”  They both reply “No.” “Ok, well then we better get started!’ I respond.

I teach David and Carly a few step patterns, and to my surprise, they move pretty well together—like really well. The whole concept of lead and follow was very natural for them. W O W. This ONE concept of the man leading and the lady following can really be an obstacle for couples. Sometimes it is the one thing we work on for an entire hour.
But for Carly and David, it’s smooth sailing on Caribbean seas.

We had great lesson. I was so excited I ran over time.  I wrote down some notes, and they promised to practice! I told them to attend the dance classes on the JiveJune schedule; besides it’s part of the all inclusive package!
So now we are in the Foxtrot class. 5 couples. Different ages from different backgrounds, cultures, and countries. They are moving together and having a laugh, some struggling some floating. Midway through the lesson I say SWITCH PARTNERS.

I get a few strange looks.

I repeat, “OK everyone switch partners!” I joke “That should be the easiest part of the lesson!”

I start the music and everyone starts the patterns. I see David now having trouble doing the steps. Actually a few people, ladies and men, had a challenge, while others continued easily.

Five minutes left in class and I’m about to play the last song. I announce, “Ok go back to your original partner.” You see everyone smile and find their other half. Music and dancing. Laughter and chatting with Micheal Buble singing in the background.

Class ends, we all clap and it’s time for sundowners, a great way to relax after a dance lesson!
Later after dinner,  I join David and Carly for drinks. We chat about the dancing. David said, ”The class was great but I really had a difficult time when we switched partners!”

“Yes, I know, that’s why I do it,” I explained. “In a dance class environment, people are likely to be more polite to a stranger than their own partner. Switching stops most of the fussing.” David and Carley weren’t fussing, but two OTHER couples were.

“But more importantly,” I added, “It allows people to see just how well their partner can dance. You have something to compare things to.”

“Yes, I was really struggling with a few of the ladies,” added David

I continue, “One realises wow I’m not so bad. Or oh this is how it should be lead.  Overall, it really makes you appreciate your dance partner.”

Carley smiled and said “Yes! It sure does! “ as she touched David’s hand.

I saw David and Carly on their wedding day. She has these soft amazing green eyes. She was glowing. David has this confident strength, you could see how proud he was.
They were with a small group of friends and family— all smiles and laughter and love.

#JiveJune at Rendezvous, where #StolenTime allows you to prepare for your first dance, and perhaps rediscover just how wonderful your partner is.

Jennifer Benavidez is a guest presenter for JIVE JUNE. One of her specialties is teaching First Dances. She shares her passion for dance the world over.  @SalsaJennifer

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New Honeymoon Experiences at The Holiday of Stolen Time

At Rendezvous, the holiday of “Stolen Time”, there are new inventive ideas for honeymoon couples to choose from to make the start of a new life together unforgettable. The idea of Rendezvous’ themed weddings – the “Ever After Collection” has now inspired “Ever After Honeymoons” and there are three wonderful experiences so far to choose from.

Of course because Rendezvous has a team of real romantic specialists – it is perfectly possible simply to design your own wonderful time on the Romantic island of Saint Lucia.

Attractions and Events

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day. This is when most couples celebrate being in love. From chocolates and red roses to romantic dinners at the beach on a warm night in the tropics, Rendezvous is without a doubt the place to be.

Rendezvous gives every couple the opportunity to steal time and rekindle their romance during the love season. With a very unique offering, we guarantee that this is the perfect place to create beautiful memories under the sun!

Here are a few ideas for a perfect Valentine’s Day at Rendezvous!

  1. Wrapped up in Romance – Enjoy a soothing and relaxing massage with you partner at any location of your choice.
  1. Breakfast in Bed on the Beach – Relax on a full king sized bed on the beach with complimentary bedroom furniture set up while having breakfast. Let us have the pleasure to serve you and your loved one as you relax and enjoy sea, sand and sun.
  1. Sunset Cruise – The general manager, Mrs. Yhasmine Remy-Hylton and her team invite you to a Catamaran Evening Cruise on Wednesday February 14th. See the stunning sunset en route to Marigot Bay.
  1. Photography Class with Scenic Tour – Take a picture, It is worth a thousand words! This is a class taught in an outdoor setting with Malabar Beach and ocean as your backdrop. Afterwords, we take you on a scenic tour of St Lucia where you will receive the opportunity to take live action shots.
  1. In Room Retreat – Retreat to your room after the excitement of the day to rekindle that spark that brought you together in the first place. Let a backdrop of soft music, flower petals, candlelight and exotic scents set the mood for an unforgettable evening together. Finally tantalize palate among other things with chilled sparkling wine and chocolate truffles.
  1. Private Dinner Settings – Allow us to create that special romantic experience with your loved one by having a private dinner setting at any location of your choice. We guarantee that this experience is something to remember!

See our romance filled Valentine’s Day schedule below!

RDV_Valentine Programme 2018

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Independence Day

Just like many other nations that have formed a part of the British commonwealth, St Lucia has continued to recognize Queen Elizabeth II as the head of state. On said day, thirty-nine years ago, Sir John Compton raised his arms and proudly waved our Independence Declaration signaling Saint Lucia’s entry onto the world stage as an independent nation.

History of Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia was first discovered by Europeans in the late 15th or early 16th century. The first settlers were French, and they named the island after Saint Lucia, a young Christian martyr who died during the persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire of 304 AD.

The English first took control of the island in 1663, and control of the island changed 14 times, being ruled seven times by the French and seven times by the British. The change in ownership finally stopped with English control in 1814 as part of the Treaty of Paris which ended the Napoleonic Wars, when Saint Lucia became a part of the British Windward Islands colony.

In 1958, Saint Lucia joined the West Indies Federation, when the Islands colony was dissolved. In 1967, Saint Lucia became a self-governing island as one of the six members of the West Indies Associated States.

Attractions and Events

Jive June

Be Ready to Dance Until You Drop!  From Cuban Cha Cha Cha and Salsa, fiery Argentine Tango, Caribbean Merengue, American Jive and the energetic Columbian Zumba dancing has a truly global appeal! We have already confirmed Jive June favorites Joanne and Andrzej Mialowski, and Jennifer Benavidez and Bohdan Piotrowski as the 2018 hosts. We are once again dedicating a whole month to dance and fitness from dance, hoping to inspire more people to take up dancing for exercise and fun.

So what can I expect?

  • Seven dance classes per week with different styles of dancing, including:
  • Cha Cha Cha, Tango and Waltz Friday night dance evenings on the Terrace
  • Private dance classes (by request only)
Attractions and Events

Saint Lucia Carnival

Carnival in Saint Lucia takes up a good piece of July, with preparations and pre Carnival events already in progress. The climax will be from 12th – 17th July. It’s an explosion of colour, noise and is tremendously important to the culture of the Caribbean. With roots in Carib and African culture, Carnival was ( and still is on many islands) celebrated to mark the end of lent. The end of that period when we give up everything, marked by a celebration of music, dancing, performance and food. In the late 90’s a forward thinking tourist board in Saint Lucia spotted the potential to move Saint Lucia’s Carnival to a month where there was no competition and to get as far away from the gigantic fiesta in Trinidad as possible!

If you are in Saint Lucia during this time, make a point of watching the ” Parade of the Bands” as a minimum. You will never forget it, we promise.

If you are staying at Rendezvous and you would like to get into costume and join in, let us know – all things are possible.