Take advantage of the natural tropical setting and direct access to the beach during your stay at StolenTime by Rendezvous. The sea conditions here are typically calm, which opens up the Caribbean playground on the water. Our Water Sports team will look after you at any level, beginner, intermediate, or experienced. The sea has an irresistible pull for most people, so choose your passion and have a blast.

We have Hobiecats for you to sail up and down Malabar beach. They are easy to master, and in no time, you will be sailing like a professional! We also provide single and double kayaks to get you out on the water or give waterskiing or wakeboarding a try behind our speedboat. The Caribbean is famous for its gentle warm breeze, making StolenTime an ideal Saint Lucia destination for windsurfing. We can give you instruction if you have never done it before and will go the extra mile to help ensure you have fun.

We provide all the equipment you require to dive into a Water Sports adventure.