Stolen Moments

Within the context of the frenetic pace of modern life, we understand that spending quality time to re-connect or meet new, like-minded people can be a challenge. But at StolenTime by Rendezvous, time to reconnect and learn new skills is what it is all about. We have created a holiday experience that lasts longer than your tan and is fully customisable with help of our pre-arrival team.

Stolen Moments are a collection of carefully selected experiences to inspire you and enrich relationships, whether with yourself, partner, family, or a group of friends.


Authentic St. Lucian Experiences

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  • Mixology

    Mixology is defined as the study or skill of preparing mixed drinks. Learn to be a mixologist at StolenTime by Rendezvous during your authentic St Lucian holiday. It’s all part of our all-inclusive program; learn new skills and make lasting memories.

  • Farm to Table

    Tour and shop at the local market, accompanied by one of our Chefs, for fresh herbs and spices to prepare your meal choice. It’s an opportunity to impress that special someone and your entire party.

  • Jewellery Making - Upper Terrace

    Be creative and learn the unique craft of using local resources to create exquisite jewelry.

  • Basket Weaving

    Upper boardwalk Ever wondered what we can do with coconut palm leaves? Join one of our local craftsmen on the Terrace at 11:00 a.m. to learn the art and craft of basket making.

  • Cooking Class

    Allow us to take you on a mouthwatering journey. Come and explore new flavours and spices and learn a few of our top culinary secrets. This is a great opportunity for you to learn to prepare a delicious local meal!

  • Wood carving class

    Have you ever experienced the joy of creating something and the hours just seem to slip by? This is a true sign of something that you love to do. Let’s discover that love of woodcarving together!

  • Art class - Garden

    Dare to try! Join our art class and capture the beautiful tropical garden through drawing. We can even turn it into a group sip and paint!

  • St. Lucia History / Creole - Terrace

    Learn the incredible history and language of St. Lucia. the island that is known as the Helen of the West Indies.

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Professional Idling

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  • Reading Together

    What better way to lose track of time than with a good book. We encourage you to take this time and relax with your partner and partake in our book exchange.

  • Bottom Fishing - Special Experiences Desk

    The Scuba Team invites you for an afternoon of ―bottom fishing on our 32 ft calypso marine.

  • Wine 101 - Upper boardwalk/Gazebo

    Join the Wine Sommelier at the upper boardwalk to enhance your wine knowledge, learn about what you are drinking and wine tips for selecting according to your mood.

  • Wine Flight - Champagne Bar

    Join us in the Champagne Bar to enjoy a taste of selected wines and learn about their characteristics, enhance your knowledge about pairing possibilities with desserts and have the opportunity to explore new wines.

  • Art at Sunset - Beach

    Dare to try! Join our art class and capture the beautiful sunset through drawing.

  • Stars and a Movie

    We are now offering a new exclusive service — a movie on the beach. The film will be projected on a screen and comfy seats are provided. Popcorn and refreshments are a must for a movie under the stars.

  • Breathing Class

    In this moment, we want you to do something simple and that is to just BREATHE. This class will alleviate stress and anxiety, while helping with concentration and sleep.

  • Meditation Class

    Feel a sense of community and connection to like-minded individuals around you. This class will help reduce negative emotions and increase self-awareness, creativity and patience.

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  • Champagne Cruise

    Embark on a journey by escaping to the Caribbean Sea. Complete the experience with a bottle of your favourite champagne from our collection, which features Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial, the first champagne designed for the Caribbean to savour on ice. Enjoy an authentic Saint Lucian experience turning your moments into memories!

  • Steel Pan Lesson - Main Pool

    Learn to create vibrant sounds on a steel pan. This fun class is a great way to experience the Caribbean rhythm.

  • Breakfast in Bed

    Start the day in decadent fashion with one of our extra-special sweet or savory brunch dishes while in bed.Breakfast in bed is one of the ultimate ways to pamper someone. This shows your loved ones how extra special they are.

  • A day in Bed

    If the main aim of your getaway is to relax and be pampered, we recommend you spend a day on the beach in bed. Let us have the pleasure to serve you while you relax and enjoy the sun, sea and sand.

  • Learn to Massage Each Other

    There is no better gift after a long day or when relaxing at home with your special someone than to give them a simply relaxing massage. Learn how to deliver a soothing massage from our experienced team at The Spa in the Water Garden.

  • Private dinner settings

    Romance by the Sea draws its inspiration from the beauty and natural elements of the ocean. Exchange vows under unique driftwood structures or have a unique dinner setting. This option features a bouquet of white orchids, roses and freshly picked sea grapes floral settings and an exquisite dinner menu to entice your taste buds.

  • Lunch Sand & Sea

    Lunch, Sea & Sand offers you a unique experience which you will only receive at StolenTime by Rendezvous. Imagine delicious food and the finest drinks being served at your table in the ocean. Sun, sand, sea and the most amazing meal definitely makes for the ultimate StolenTime dining experience.

  • Saint Lucian Picnic

    There are many romantic ways to say I love you or to show that special someone how much you care. Having a arranged, is just another way to enjoy your partners’ company and savor the moment.

  • Bubbles & Sand

    Steal a moment at sunset! Close your eyes and imagine just the two of you, lying on the sand as the sun sets, champagne in one hand, chocolate dipped strawberry in the other mmh...Make this a memorable occasion with that special someone.

  • In-room Retreat

    Retreat to your room after the excitement of the day to rekindle that spark that brought you together in the first place. Let a backdrop of soft music, flower petals, candlelight and exotic scents set the mood for an unforgettable evening together. Finally, tantalize your palate.

  • Decorate my room

    In these busy times, it's hard to find time for each other but we really need to make the effort. Take this opportunity to surprise your partner with a romantic bedroom setup of tropical flower petals and candles.