How often is the equipment inspected?

As a PADI Golden Palm Awardee, StolenTime by Rendezvous maintains the highest standard of safety and cleanliness on all our equipment. The air tanks are visually inspected once a year and hydrostatically inspected every five years. All testing of equipment is done to PADI standards.

Do you offer night diving?

Night dives are offered at a charge of US$100. This charge includes the use of equipment including torch hire and the boat in non-marine reserve areas.

What is the minimum stay to complete the basic PADI course?

This basic licence will require two 1/2 days or 3 – 4 hours a day for two days.

Do you allow divers who are certified with other diving agencies apart from PADI?

It is not advisable for safety reasons, hence there are 3 snorkelling trips per week to different locations organised by our scuba team.

How much is the PADI Scuba Diver Course?

After completing Discover Scuba, just spend ONE more day with our dive team and you can become a Certified Diver. This licence costs US$350 and takes place over one to two days whilst Open Water costs US $550.00. Certification is recognised worldwide and allows you to dive to 12 m/40 ft and 18m/60 ft in Open Water with a PADI Professional. Once you have your PADI licence, you can dive with us at no additional cost.

Is snorkelling free?

Since we do not have a reef in close proximity to our shoreline, snorkelers accompany us on dive trips to the marine park. This is offered at a cost of US$50.00 per person.

Is it safe to snorkel near the hotel?

Yes, people can snorkel near the resort. It is advised that guests reach out to our Scuba team to confirm the best locations.

Where do I dive while on holiday – boat or shore dives?

There are no shore dives at StolenTime by Rendezvous since there is no reef in close proximity to our shoreline. Therefore, all dives that are available at the resort are boat dives. Northern Boat dives are included in your holiday, while Marine Park Dives and Snorkel Trips are available at an additional cost.

What happens if I’ve never dived before?

Those that have had no diving experience are welcome to do the Discover Scuba Diving class which takes place over the duration of one day. This class consists of a theory session, a pool session and a shallow ocean dive (up to 12 m/40 ft). It costs US$22.00 and this gives you credit towards other PADI courses.

What is visibility like for diving?

Visibility ranges from 12 m/40 ft – 18 m/ 60 ft on most days. However, on exceptionally good days the visibility ranges from 30 m/100 ft – 50 m/ 150 ft.

Is the equipment included free of charge?

All equipment is provided free of charge, however if you prefer, you may bring your own and store them at the Scuba Centre. Wet suits can be rented at US$11.

Is scuba diving included in the all-inclusive rate?

Boat dives in the North of the island, close to StolenTime, are included in your Trip. We offer a Resort Course for first-time divers and this is also included. PADI courses and Marine Park Dives are also available but at an additional cost.

Up to what time before departure are we allowed to dive?

You will need to stay out of the water for 12 hours after one dive before your flight and 18 hours after two dives.

Once a qualified PADI diver, will I have to redo my test every year?

No, the PADI Open Water certification is valid for life. However, if you have taken a break away from diving for a while we like you to do a pool check or a refresher test.

Are there dangerous creatures?

Yes there are but these animals are usually more scared of you than you are of them and provided we treat them with respect and keep our distance, they pose no harm. However, it is the smaller fish that may be described as the most dangerous fish on the reef. The Scorpionfish (stone fish) is dangerous because of its camouflage ability but again we keep all divers at a safe distance away from the coral as it is dangerous and protected by law.

What will I see underwater?

St. Lucia is an underwater paradise and is home to a vast selection of animals and plants. We are very protective of our underwater world, which is why it is protected by the government of St. Lucia. What will you see? The list goes on – from squirrel fish to parrot fish, goat fish to angelfish, lobsters, massive crabs and seahorses.
Larger animals are of course shyer beasts and are more difficult to spot but we have sea turtles and barracudas as well as whale and nurse sharks. On top of this, we also have a vast range of coral that seems to represent every colour in the spectrum.

How long are the dives?

The dive time of course depends on your air consumption and the maximum depth planned but our dives are normally 40 to 45 minutes.

How long will it take to get to the dives?

From the resort, the time to the dive sites could range from 5 minutes to the North and as far as 45 minutes to the South.

What types of dives do you offer?

We have got a lot! Wreck, beach, drift, wall, pinnacle and night dives are all on offer.

Is the water clear?

When we have a prolonged bout of rain the water visibility drops to about 10ft to 15ft. When the rain holds off and the sun shines, as it does here in the West Indies, then visibility can range from 40ft. to 60ft. On a really good day, visibility can exceed 100ft!

Is the Caribbean Sea warm?

Some people say that it is like a bath! However, although water temperature is in the range of 78 F to 80 F, we suggest that for most people a T-shirt will provide sufficient thermal protection.

How deep will we be diving?

We rarely exceed 70ft. except in certain circumstances. In these instances, dive leaders use personal computers to guarantee safety. All our dive leaders are highly trained and know the waters of St Lucia well.

What equipment do I need to bring?

We store all the required equipment you will need to do any diving at the resort. However if you have any of your own equipment that you would prefer to use, then please do bring it with you.

What are the requirements to dive?

Certified Divers are asked to show proof of their certification and fill out our medical questionnaire. If you haven’t dived for several months you will be required to complete a Scuba Tune Up with an Instructor or Dive Master. The session will be at an extra cost of US$55.00 and will take you about an hour to complete. Non-Certified
Divers, we do ask that you are able to meet certain medical requirements and that you can swim prior to completing your PADI examinations.

Do I need to pass a medical check?

No, but all divers must fill out a Medical Form. The form is mandatory before diving because if there are medical concerns the client will have to see a medical doctor to give clearance first.

Do I need to be certified to take a course?

If you are not certified, or have never been scuba diving before, we offer PADI courses.