We took inspiration from the Mediterranean for this theme. We build your ‘wedding arch’ from some extraordinary pieces of driftwood, adorned with white sheers.

The Romance by the Sea wedding package draws its inspiration from the beauty and natural elements of the ocean. The lovely couple will exchange wedding vows under unique driftwood structures, adorned with white flowing sheers. This wedding option features a custom bridal bouquet of white orchids, roses and freshly picked sea grapes.

St. Lucia Celebration

Stin iyá su! (Greek for Cheers)

Would Dionysus, the Greek God of wine, have enjoyed Piper-Heidsieck? Most likely, and you will too. You and your guests will also enjoy delectable Mediterranean hors-d’œuvres after the ceremony.

Dinner Party

For ancient sea peoples, hospitality was a sacred duty and that tradition is still alive today in Saint Lucia. The island’s delicious bounty will be offered to you and your guests, to be savoured in the true spirit of communal friendship and joy.

Seaside Laying of Hands

Relax with your loved one with a side-by-side, soothing full-body massage, courtesy of The Spa in the Water Garden.

Romantic Sunset Cruise

Like the people of old, cruise into the sunset as if time did not exist. Along the coast of Saint Lucia, you feel like ancient explorers on a voyage of discovery.

Private Honeymoon Candlelit Dinner

It’s time to be alone, to look into each other’s eyes like lovers the world over do, and to share an intimate dinner.

For more information, contact one of our St. Lucia Wedding Planners directly.