Private Dining

Opt for a more intimate approach to your next dining experience in one of our beautiful, secluded locations on resort.

Enjoy each other’s company by escaping to on of the secluded spots on the resort for a romantic dinner. Select from a menu specifically created by our Executive Chef, just for this evening.

Dine by candle light and stars; let your appointed server personalize the dining experience by catering to you and that special someone.

Take satisfaction in the simple things of life – a beautiful beach setting, lush greenery, a sunset or the lazy river pool, and a personal server at your disposal; all offering privacy and intimacy for you. Compliment these by savoring flavors of a menu arranged by our Chef.

Enhance its essence with a paired wine, selected from our highly recommended list and take pleasure in the moment.

Rejuvenate yourselves after a fun filled day with each other, starting with a 1/2 hour honeymoon massage at The Spa in the Water Garden. Relax and get ready for a romantic interlude tailored with you, the couple, in mind. The menu is elegantly presented b y the chef, and accompanied by your choice of wine chosen from a list of suggested wines.

Remember the first time you know that person was the one for you? The moment. The ambiance. The setting.

Allow us to help you revitalize those memories, starting with breakfast served in your room with a chilled bottle of Italian Prosecco. Afterward, spend the day as you like, then gt ready for an evening with each other in one of or four secluded locations for dinner. Savor this specially prepared menu with your choice of wine, served by your personal waiter while music plays softly in the background. No dining experience is complete without a glass of Chateau Manos, Cadillac dessert wine to round off the evening.

Treat the on you love to an exceptional night! Embark on a journey of intimacy and romance for two. The sense of being away from it all; in a secluded setting customized for the couple in mind. The evening begins with a scrumptious appetizer, main course and the perfect bottle of wine, served by a dedicated waiter who will attend to all of your needs.

Return to your room which has been decorated and where dessert will be awaiting you along with a chilled bottle of Moet n Chandon to continue the journey.

If you would like to add a few more special delights to your evening, there are a wide range of extra special options for you to choose from.