The basis of Pilates is to control your body alignment and correct your breathing through concentration. The effects deliver a more efficient exercise coupled with reduced repetition. From maintaining proper posture, developing long, flexible muscles, and achieving a flat stomach to improving range of motion, core strength, circulation, stamina, and coordination, this low-impact workout can help you achieve many fitness goals. Try what so many have already discovered, or maintain your routine whilst here at StolenTime St Lucia.

Available Courses

As part of your all-inclusive holiday, we offer regularly-scheduled Pilates classes. Participants of all levels of experience are welcome. We run Pilates as a group session that can accommodate novice or more advanced students. Our aim is to help you stabilize and strengthen the stomach, back and buttock muscles, improve core strength, posture, coordination and more.

Contact reception to find out how we can build a tailored pilates programme during your stay at StolenTime.