Well, it does make the world go around and it is pretty important stuff, so here’s some guidelines with respect to the moula.

1. Where can I withdraw cash?

Here in Saint Lucia, there are many ABM/ATMs located about five minutes away from the hotel in the Castries area. You may get there using one of our readily available taxis. Please note, the taxi fare is payable directly to the driver. You may also exchange foreign currency at the concierge desk.

2. What currency do you use on the island?

Eastern Caribbean, or EC Dollars as it is commonly called, is the local currency and is accepted everywhere on the island of Saint Lucia. US Dollars can also be used but exchange rates may vary from place to place.

3. What credit cards do you accept?

We accept most major credit cards; Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Diners are not accepted.

4. Can we place our taxi fare on our room bill?

It is possible to add taxi Transfers to and from the Airport to your room. Other trips would have to be settled upon agreement between you and the driver/agent.

5. Can I pay for my holiday on arrival?

Our payment policy states that full payment for this all-inclusive Caribbean resort is required prior to arrival.

6. Does the resort offer any island tours?

The St. Lucia Adults only resort, StolenTime by Rendezvous provides all Activities itself. For further information, please contact us at activities@stoletime.com or call (758) 457 7922 /7966

7. When is the hurricane season?

Traditionally the hurricane season is from June until October. However, St. Lucia is located outside of the main hurricane belt due to its southerly latitude. Most hurricanes occur much further North and St. Lucia is rarely troubled.

8. What is the most popular season to visit?

Traditionally in the Caribbean, December through May has always been the most popular period to visit. This is to be expected because it offers wonderful tropical sunshine when North America and Europe are…. chilly. However, it has to be said that St. Lucia is suitable for a perfect holiday at any time of year and is very popular during the summer months also, particularly with honeymooners.

9. How safe is it venturing out alone?

Quite frankly, there are not many places that you can visit anywhere in the world that are as safe as St. Lucia. However, the wise traveller will always check with the new friends he or she has made while on holiday as to where the best places are. It is always best to be careful and streetwise.

10. When is the Jazz Festival and how far is it from the resort?

The Jazz Festival occurs annually each May. The main stage events are located on Pigeon Island just about 30 minutes from the hotel.

11. What is there to do outside StolenTime at night?

The best St. Lucia couples resort, StolenTime by Rendezvous itself provides superb entertainment from some of the island’s musicians to entertaining shows. On a nightly basis we have a different live band to serenade you and even get you on your feet. We also incorporate live steel pan music during dinnertime and not to mention our ever-popular limbo and staff performances!

12. What is the weather like during the hurricane season?

St. Lucia is fortunate to be outside the main area of hurricane activity. We have year-round sunshine, although intermittent rain may be experienced from June to November. There is never a shortage of wonderful suntan-inducing weather.

13. What is the temperature like in St. Lucia?

The average high of St. Lucia is about 31 Celsius or 87 Fahrenheit and the lowest temperature is 25 Celsius or 77 Fahrenheit.

14. Where is the best place to go shopping?

StolenTime by Rendezvous, the boutique hotel for adults in St Lucia is conveniently located near the capital city Castries to the South, where one can find amazing bargains in the local craft market as well as indulge in the first class shopping at the various duty free centres such as, Pointe Seraphine and La Place Carenage. Gablewoods Shopping Mall is also located nearby in Sunny Acres in the North. There you will find a wide variety of shops ranging from supermarkets to excellent shoe and clothing boutiques.