Extra Special Options

Within the context of the frenetic pace of life today, we recognize that spending quality time together to reconnect is not easy to orchestrate. This is why we have created a place and a holiday of Stolentime that you can fully customize to meet your specific needs and desires. Within the Five Holiday Experience Themes carefully selected to inspire you and enrich your relationship, we we have created a few additional activities to ensure that you make the most of your romantic holiday.

Retreat to your room after the excitement of the day to rekindle that spark that brought you together in the first place. Let a backdrop of soft music, flower petals, candlelight and exotic scents set the mood for an unforgettable evening together. Finally, tantalize your palate among other things with chilled sparkling wine and sinful chocolate truffles. Experience your Romantic In Room Retreat.

Steal time away together and enjoy a romantic dinner for two under the stars – on the beach, in the garden or in a gazebo. Feel like you are the only two people on the planet as you savor a dining experience customized to your satisfaction and serenaded by your personal entertainer.

What better way to say “I Love You” thank with a bouquet of her favorite flowers?

At Rendezvous, we offer a range of flower arrangements for the special lady in your life.

Next to diamonds, chocolates are a lady’s best friend. Give her what she craves –chocolate! Choose from our variety of chocolate truffles or assortments.

Setting sun, calm sea, wind in the sails, champagne on ice, now all we need is you! Surely the perfect end to your day. Enjoy the most romantic of evenings together cruising the cost of St. Lucia watching the sun dip into the Caribbean Sea.

Plan a brief encounter or make an event out of spending time together. Enjoy the sunset or just spend quality time together on your patio or in your room over chilled champagne or wine, exotic mouth watering fruits or sumptuous cheeses.