The Spa in the Water Garden merges different techniques and philosophies from around the world with advanced natural skincare products.

At Rendezvous, the home of Stolen Time, we combine the latest therapies and treatments to calm, rejuvenate and make you feel beautiful. From scalp massages to to pedicures, we are able to de-stress you, pamper you, and relax you until you feel yourself again.

We harness the natural world using local and organic coconut and essential oils and these are used alongside the best modern products such as Elemis and Essie.


‘Peace of Mind’. A classic Ayurvedic practice pouring warm, flowing “shanti oil” onto the “third eye” (the centre of your forehead), to restore mental clarity and balance, for profound relaxation and clarity. The treatment includes a massage of the shoulders, neck, face and head.

50 minutes

This extremely relaxing treatment starts with the application of oil on the vertex of the head followed by a head, face, neck and shoulder massage to release the stress that has accumulated in the tissues of the muscles.

50 minutes

Calming and relaxing while generating a massage like effect to treat various conditions including sinusitis and ear infections.

50 minutes

This two handed Ayurvedic massage is a full boy war oil massage that benefits blood circulation and the lymph and nervous systems. The oil and herb combination ensures a deeply relaxing treatment.

50 minutes

Using a combination of herbal oils, this four-handed treatment provides a smooth and rhythmic massage to leave you feeling mentally calm and physically restored.

75 minutes