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Mr & Mrs. Reading

In 1987, having been together for a year, we found ourselves with a few extra pounds and wanted to treat ourselves to a special holiday.

We chose Couples St. Lucia (now known as Rendezvous) and it was the best decision that we ever made.

We had a perfect holiday in a perfect location in a perfect hotel with such happy and friendly staff.

So smitten were we that we returned the following year (1988)

In November 1989 we returned again with the idea to get married on the beach which at the time was not heard of.

With 4 guests that we had met and made friends with on the outward plane journey and a Chat with Couples management. All was set for a 1:30 pm ceremony at the beach on November 14th, 1989. It was the most romantic ceremony that one can ever imagine. Beautiful floral arrangements and the perfect wedding back drop made the entire celebration seem surreal.

After the ceremony, we headed back to the restaurant for champagne and a lovely cake made in the kitchens.

Our final journey to Couples was in April 1991 and once again left with the most precious memories. With Couples being child free we were unable to return with the arrival over the following 5 years of our 3 children.

Undeterred we returned to other St. Lucian hotels with our family but never returned to Couples.

Having promised ourselves and our children, we really hope to return one day soon and introduce them to our favourite destination and hotel .

2019 will see us celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary and our dream would be to spend it at Rendezvous with our children and their partners, remembering the special moment when we exchanged our vows on Vigie  Beach.  Heaven ……

Gary & Karen Reading

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