Celebrating Him

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Celebrating Him

You know that feeling you get when you get dressed in something decidedly feminine and you can feel your husband’s eyes on you? When he responds to your femininity by treating you like the most special woman in the world? It definitely gets the butterflies going! Your husband gets the same charge out of having you recognize and appreciate his masculinity, notice the little things and tell him about it.

Here are a few fun ways to celebrate the Love of your Life!

  • Show him love. Love is the ultimate celebration. From wife to husband, love is a beautiful thing to witness, experience and have.
  • Tuck a love note in his pants pocket (or anywhere you know he’ll find it).  Write a short note letting him know how much you appreciate him.
  • Surprise him with lunch at his job. Sync up your lunch time with your hubby’s and make him (or pick up) his favorite lunch and take it to his office.
  • Lather him up and help him shave. By careful with that razor!  But this can be loads of fun.  And if he likes a close shave, even better.  As you reach in close to make sure not to nick him, all he’ll be able to do is stare into your eyes, look at your nose, lust after you lips.  Good luck getting him to let you leave the bathroom after you’ve finished!
  • Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.Throw a dinner party and invite his favorite people to come celebrate him with you – for no particular reason.  It could be your in-laws, his closest friends, colleagues or whoever he’d enjoy having dinner with and who love him enough to celebrate him (even when it’s not his birthday).

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